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A Buyer's journey to West End

Glebe is an energetic inner-city community just a stone’s throw from the CBD, but despite this proximity, it’s been an overlooked suburb in the past.

Residential buyers are now seeing Glebe in a new light. Its winning combination of a flourishing dining precinct and infrastructure growth has meant that developments such as West End are proving popular with local property searches, particular those looking around Sydney’s inner west and CBD

Rhonda, a young professional, who recently purchased a West End home explains, “There actually isn’t a lot of development in Glebe, and land is very tightly held, so when West End came on the market it was a no-brainer.”

For Rhonda, finding that right mix of quality and location at the right price was key. “The price tag for an apartment this close to the city was a huge factor. It’s fantastic value for money for such a high-quality home, ticking another major box. Glebe is only growing in popularity, especially with the fish market project and the upgrades to the metro line, so I know my apartment will hold its value. For me, the access to the lifestyle and infrastructure in Glebe put it ahead of Annandale, Pyrmont and other inner-city suburbs I was looking at.”

Rhonda also based her decision on a very practical consideration – the team behind the development. “The developers, Roxy Pacific, are highly experienced, so I knew there wouldn’t be delays. It makes all the difference that they’re reputable, and I had confidence there wouldn’t be any issues.”

Rhonda also has a keen eye for design and was looking for an apartment with an interesting design edge to it. “The architects, Turner, are well known in the residential space and they design really functional apartments. I loved the square design that the Foundry building has, as well as the views available on the lower levels. My apartment also has an internally facing aspect, which I love.”

“Design-wise, there was so much that caught my eye. My apartment has an edgy warehouse feel to the interiors, which is a great point-of-difference in the development. It’s not what every other developer seems to be doing. I’m loving the spaces, the classic black and white palette, and the beautiful fittings.”

Rhonda also appreciates the long-term investment that her new home provides. “When it comes down to it, I was looking for a good return on my investment. I wanted to be close to the city in a great place to live now, and in ten years’ time too.”

“Glebe is a hidden gem in Sydney and most people don’t think about it as an option. I wanted to get in on this opportunity, and I know there’s a lot of scope for future growth in Glebe. I’m looking forward to it.”

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